September 28, 2008

During the month of October I will be in a Writers Club. I'll just copy & paste what the group leader sent out, rather than try to explain it myself:

Hello other writerly and creative types,

Sorry this is an extremely late notice, but I need to write another novel, and I figure what better month than October and what better way than to have others join me? I know I've talked to a few of you about this already, so besides my novel, other examples that people are committing to write (or draw) are a full length play, a novella, a graphic novel, and a comic book.

I've done this with some of you before, but basically the way it works is you tell me what you're going to write (or draw) over the course of the next month. The ultimate goal is to set a deadline for ourselves and to crank out something with a beginning, middle, and end by the end of the month. You tell me what you're writing, and we just send out updates periodically throughout the month, "Yea, it's going well," "Blah, it's going horrible," etc. The point is not to have a masterpiece completed. The point is to have something completed. And I find this is easier if I tell others my goal, get others to work on their own projects, and give us all a deadline when they all have to be done.

Also, let me know if it's ok to share your email address with everyone. That way you'll be included in other back and forth emails. Otherwise, I'll just keep you BCCed like this one.

So, to recap,
1. Tell me your writing goal. Mine is a 50,000+ word novel.
2. Tell me if I can include your email address publicly. (There are currently 10 of you I am sending this email to.)

Thanks and good luck!

This is the third time I've participated, and it's based off of NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month. It's officially in November, but our group is unofficially doing it in October. I encourage you all to do something to be creative. I know many of you/us are busy (Lo, this means you), but if you do have an extra moment, tap into some of the creativity that so often goes unused.

I also think it's great to have a tangible month long goal. I'm really excited about this.

My personal goal is to work in the novel I started 3 years ago.

Let me know if we have any other "writerly and creative types" folk out there who would be interested in joining.

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