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August 13, 2008

What’s new? Jennifer …

Is drinking wonderful hot tea from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Survived my annual review at work

Is still thinking of potential job titles

Doesn’t know about a raise yet

Is happy that the week is already half over

Thinks she should have EVERY Tuesday off work!

Really loves the concept of brunch

Also loves going out for brunch

Is eavesdropping

Has a lot to figure out for the future

Has too much to do at work

Has too much to do at home

Doesn’t like being micromanaged

Is grateful the latest work event went so well

Doesn’t have much time before the next

Got to be on TV the other day

Loves being famous

Made a very hard choice and canceled her flight to LA

Wishes she didn’t have to lose $150 for a rebooking fee to reschedule a flight with Northwest Airlines

Loves going to bed early

Is takin’ care of business

HATES when people call me “Jenny”

Will be doing laundry soon

Likes having a free evening (doesn’t happen often)

Is a little nervous about meeting with the Mayor tomorrow

Has no interest in the Olympics (literally zero) and is mesmerized by others’ obsession with them

Thanks you for all the comments and welcomes new blog reader Carolyn!

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  1. I missed your most recent TV appearance, but Stephen from my office saw you. What was it for? The "event" on Saturday? Have you decided on the job title yet? What are you going to talk with the mayor about? Mom sure has a lot of questions for you.

  2. Yeah someone else who has no interest in the Olympics! That's me too! Must be a "Jen" thing! :)

  3. How can you NOT love the Olympics?! Growing up, that was the ONLY sports I watched. I LOVE THEM. When are you gonna call me? Guess who Jay & I are supposed to maybe see tomorrow? Guess who's getting married tomorrow? Guess who's going to the East Coast (including Philadelphia!) next week - without Jay? Wow, you have lots of guessing to do!


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