Post Surgery

January 02, 2009

It's been 4 days since my wisdom teeth were removed. I went back to work today. I've had slight pain, but I've kept it in check with just Tylenol.

Tonight, however, I think I'm in more pain than I have the last few days.

It was pretty strange realizing how the anesthesia (or Anna Stacia, as I like to call it) wiped away memories. It's REALLY strange. I discovered that it caused temporary amnesia only after I told my mom no one had paid for the surgery. I was pretty stunned when she told me I had. Apparently I had given really specific instructions for payment. I had NO memory of it. And it sure made me wonder what else had happened that I could no longer recall. It's weird to think about.

One really hard part post procedure was changing the gauze in my mouth. Once the Novocaine wore off and I could feel things in my mouth, I just wanted to gag on the gauze. I had to spit them out and try again with like half the size of the gauze. I just couldn't handle it. One hour with those, and I decided I was done.

I was able to sleep a lot, which was especially surprising considering I was sleeping sitting up on the loveseat. I was in my little loveseat pod almost all the time, curled up under blankets and wearing loungewear or sweats. I watched a lot of movies. Mom took good care of me. She even took off work to take care of me! I am so proud of her. She doesn't do so well with blood and sickness, etc. And she was so kind to me, making me soup, getting me applesauce, putting in new movies, being my chauffeure, getting me extra pillows, etc. etc. etc.

Day 2 I was supposed to walk around and do stuff. I was feeling ok enough to do so. So we took a trip downtown. Got to visit with friends who were in town for the day from Phoenix. And visited a couple of my hangouts downtown.

Day 3 was New Year's Eve, and I was bored of sitting around. My parents had plans to go to a party that night, and I knew I just couldn't sit at their house all night. New Year's is my favorite holiday, and it's always memorable for me. I was able to go home and get ready to go to a party at Laura's. Jen, Andy, and I were there for a few hours. Lot of people, lots of laughter (my jaw got worn out), lots of food (I had 1/2 piece of cheese, and that took me about 30 minutes). We watched the ball drop and shared a favorite memory of 2008. The night wore me out.

Day 4 I started having some nausea and crankiness. I started getting REALLY tired of the same food. Just thinking about eating would make me feel nauseous.

Now, I'm ready to call it a night.



my cozy little pod

2 days after - come on, can you even tell this girl just had surgery?!

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  1. What was your favorite memory of 2008? Did it have something to do with 06.07.08?

  2. I mentioned my vacation to New England as a highlight. But 06.07.08 is a close second! :) Hello, I caught the bouquet!!


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