Do You Ever

January 05, 2009

1. Do you ever just reach a certain point where you have done all you can and you can do no more?

2. Do you ever wonder when you first started losing respect for a person and why?

3. Do you ever wonder how certain people were raised to turn out so clueless?

4. Do you ever crave tomato soup?

5. Do you ever long to return to normal?

6. Do you ever feel so surrounded by clutter that even Christmas decor is annoying?

7. Do you ever return to work from a vacation to discover 150 new email messages?

8. Do you ever get a headache so severe you feel it moving all over your head and face?

9. Do you ever long for Friday on a Sunday night?

10. Do you ever carry a dollar's worth of change in your pocket around all day for a cup of coffee you never get?

I do.

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  1. Hey there, sorry I didn't comment earlier as you were having your surgery. I hope that you are doing MUCH better now, I am sure that was not a fun thing to go through. Miss you!!


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