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October 15, 2008

One day in the office this week. I could EASILY get used to that!!

Monday was recovery day from working 13 hours Saturday and 13 hours Sunday. I slept in and lounged around. It was a nice lazy day. Late afternoon I got to pick up my friend from the airport/train station in town. She had just run the Chicago marathon for the first time. I am amazed at her.

Yesterday was spent working around the house. I got up relatively early for a day off - 9 I think. I kept the tv off and the computer off to have fewer distractions. And I worked my butt off. I wore a pedometer, and did about 12,000 steps. Today after sitting on my butt back in the office, I'm at 6,000, and that included 2 walks in the afternoon!

I LOVED working at home yesterday. 3 huge loads of laundry, lots of folding and hanging up, kitchen cleaning and rearranging, doing dishes, changing the sheets on my bed and the guest bed, straightening up the guest bedroom, sorting thru a bunch of old junk mail and files... I decided I'd be happy working at home. Now I just need to learn how to cook and grocery shop well. Then I'm all set. Sign me up to be a stay at home mom, I mean wife, I mean, darnit. A stay at home woman. Yah... With no income...sounds great...

Today was back in the office, starting to play catch up from the last few weeks when this tour started taking over my life and still taking care of plenty of tour related things.

Tomorrow I have to leave my place by 6:40 AM (grrrr...) to carpool to Bloomington. I'll be in conferences through Saturday.

Last year's conference was in Richmond, and I had a good time (in spite of my credit card # being stolen and trying to deal with that from my hotel). This year I lose my autonomy and ability to explore the area since I will be carpooling, so I'm sad about that. I've never been to Bloomington, and I hope to still be able to see some cool things, even though I'll be stuck on the campus most of the time. Hmmm, not likely...

It's an off week for Notre Dame. Then Sunday I plan to go on a local home tour. Fun times! Busy times! I'll already ready for more downtime. Too bad next weekend I'll be on the go away from home again! Sigh...

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