I Don't...

October 29, 2008

I don't...

  • get people who aren't wearing coats when it's 30some degrees.
  • know how I'm gonna survive winter.
  • know why my light soy milk is more tan colored rather than white. Is that normal?
  • like how cold the office is now that the boss installed a new temperature control unit.
  • know how long my cold will last.
  • know how I get so busy.
  • have cable or PBS.
  • want you to forget to vote this Tuesday!
  • like cleaning my apartment, but I do it anyways.
  • know if I will join eHarmony or not.
  • know how I lose important things like receipts.
  • know what to get my mom for her birthday (suggestions?).
  • find fulfillment in my career.
  • have a happy tummy currently.
  • want to have to give up my guest bedroom.
  • know if last night's 90210 was a rerun or a new episode. Anybody?

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  1. Maybe you should take some of your don't and make the do's - like I do like a messy apartment - then you don't need to clean it :)

  2. Gift for Mother's birthday suggestion:

    How about tickets for a play and then you can go with her?
    You know she likes that kind of stuff, esp if you go, too.

    Or you can go in with your brother and his wife and get Mom a small/good/new CD player/radio/whatever. The (used/old) one you gave her last year is too big and doesn't even work half the time. I -- oops, I mean -- SHE might like one that could sit on her desk.


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