When My Child Is Sick

June 19, 2014

Woke up to a sick child.

Puke in bed.  On daddy's side of the bed.  (Phew.)

My back was getting better on Sunday; I thought I was actually returning to normal.  But Monday proved otherwise.

I miss normal

But I'm gradually makin' my way back to it.

I got to enjoy lunch at one of my favorite local restaurants with a friend from high school (and college) who I hadn't seen in awhile.  We shared stories.  We ate chips.  It was a nice break.

Then I stepped foot in a chiropractor's office for the first time.  Though still in pain, I did notice increased range of motion and movement, so that's good.  I've got a second massage appointment scheduled for later this week.

By the time I got home Catherine was back to her usual overactive self.  I know that makes her sound like a bladder, but it's the best word I can think of to describe my girl.

She even went with Daddy to the local grocery store for some goodies before the weekly sales ended tonight.

She was back to herself, and I was kind of missing the quiet, calm, cuddly girl from this morning.

After awhile she was asking me to rest with her on the couch.  "Lay down on the pillow."

It was nice to snuggle for a bit.  Then she got up, wandered over to Daddy, and wanted to cuddle with him.

This really should have tipped us off.  For whatever reason she prefers to do her puking on Daddy.  (Did I train her well or what?)

A moment later, we heard it coming.  All over Daddy.  All over Catherine.  All over the floor.  And projectile on the chevron ottomans.

(insert sigh here)

I've learned to be ok with "used" condition to my furniture.  Even my couch.  Though maybe not quite my chair.  Yet.

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  1. This grandma is learning to be ok with the "lived in" condition of our furniture, floors, and house, too. Grandchildren tend to cause that -- but what a "GRAND" tradeoff!


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