Summer 2014 Manifesto

June 06, 2014

Thursday night.

Trash night.

"Honey, did you take the trash out to the curb?"  "Honey, can you put new trash bags in the trash cans?  Please?"

10:00  Bedtime


Routine is comforting.  But it also gets boring.  How do I find the balance?

Tomorrow is the last day of school.  Finally.

Then Routine goes by the roadside.  Wayside?  Curb?  I don't always remember quotes and phrases.

In fact my memory is sadly awful.

A new season begins:  Summer!!

Time for staying up late and sleeping in.
Time for ice cream and an inflatable kiddie pool.
Dining al fresco.
Time for adventures and spontaneity.  Vacations.  Road trips.  Making memories.
Family time.  Sunshine.  Beach time.
Sunscreen and mosquito repellant.
Maybe even camping.  Finally.

It will fly by.  No, seriously.  Summer Break is only two months this year.  That makes my heart break a little bit.  If I dwell on it it's over before it even began.

So I'll stop to enjoy it.  I'll slow down to soak it up.

I'll relish the noisy neighborhood, because it means kids are living and loving summer.

I'll appreciate the dirty laundry and dirty hands and dirty fingernails, because it means my toddler is making memories.

I'll savor the flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables, because it means the Lord has provided a bounty in our own backyard.

I'll inhale the aroma of a multitude of flowers that are mixed in the same bed of dirt as weeds that need to be pulled.

I'll pause to cherish the moments.  All of them.

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  1. A few little comments:
    First, you are a good writer and can evoke feelings in the reader. Don't put yourself down!
    Second, your memory isn't really bad, because you do remember the important things (as evidenced in your writing!).
    Third, many people would be envious of 2 MONTHS for a summer break!
    Finally, I think I know where you can find a nice tent for camping this summer. *wink*

  2. Just so you know, I really look forward to your blog postings and catching glimpses of the everyday activities going on in the land of Goshen. Thank you for making wonderful memories with our son and sweet granddaughter and I'm so looking forward to being a part of those memories as we take our great adventure out west this summer. Keep writing you have such a gift and you need to share it more often.

  3. You are a great Writer! I am SO glad you are focusing on what you can and will enjoy this Summer! Your Mom took the words right out of my mouth about a lot of people being envious of 2 MONTHS for a summer break! We get 1 Week, and I'm grateful for that! Even that week, I have to take an "incident" for to take off, b/c it's not approved. Enjoy your Summer! :-)

  4. Happy SUMMER Darlin! PS My Dad totally reads my blog too, aren't we darling....I love your mom as GRANICE, my Dad's mom was GrandPorsh!


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