Recovering from Saturday

May 18, 2009

Sometimes I don't know how I can cram so much into one day. Saturday was one of those days. And I didn't even get to all the events. Some I had to determine just weren't gonna make it.

I was up early at 7 reading for Book Club. Then on to Book Club where Kristin treated us to some amazing chocolate chip coffee cake!

Then errands to Store #1, got some good stuff.

Hurried over to church for our Grocery Giveaway. This was fun! Members of the church had purchased 100 bags of groceries to give to our neighbors with no strings attached! It's events like these that make me love my church! So we went out in groups and delivered to residents at Miami Hills Apartments and then gathered back at the church.

After that I headed to a friend's house for a little Tastefully Simple munching and sampling. I ended up getting a couple things that she already had available there so I did't have to worry about shipping charges or anything. I can't wait to try them out!

From there, more errand running to Stores #3 & #4. Then I hit the mall. I don't know what I was thinking. It wasn't a part of my orignal plan. I DO know what I was thinking: bright pink trenchcoat and summer dresses. Unfortunately I didn't find either. I did, however, treat myself to my fave Gloria Jean's beverage: Mint Chocolate Bomb Mocha Chiller!

While there, I discovered something I thought I would never find again. My favorite scones!! I first discovered these at my old coffee shop in Granger. Then they switched scones and eventually went out of business (hmmm, perhaps the two are related...). I later found them miraculously close at another coffee shop; however, it was recently forced to close due to extreme rent increase.

I thought my favorite scones were long gone unless I would open my open shop so I could order them in bulk from Stan's (yah, I even know the source of my favorite scones!). Little did I know they've been at Gloria Jean's all along - or at least for awhile. Too bad it's not a real convenient location for me. But, then again, maybe that's a good thing.

I then got caught up for a long time volunteering to take part in a lipstick survey at the mall. Turns out I don't wear it often enough to participate, so I was "terminated" from the survey. However, I decided I really wanted to give my opinion on something (gee, imagine that!), so I ended up taking part in a frozen food entree survey. Right up my alley! I got 2 free meals and will also get $20 after I complete the survey, yippee!

After the mall was a trip to Super Target, still looking for summer dresses or something fun. Unfortunately I just ended up with groceries and boring things like dish soap.

I traveled back home for a shower, change of clothes, and getting dolled up and headed back out to the mall for dinner at Granite City. I met up with 3 girlfriends from high school, and we had such a fun time and vow to do it again - yea! That was just the second time I've been there. I ordered a chicken wrap. Last time it was a chicken sandwich. I wasn't real impressed with either entree. But they gave us coupons for a free entree with purchase of another, so no doubt I will try to take advantage of that. I've already decided to try the ravioli next time!

I got home about 10:30 or 11 and called it a night, wondering how I made it through the day.

Fortunately, Sunday actually had some down time!

Here are some pics from Girls Night!

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