May 19, 2009

I've added a new feature to my blogs that easily enables you, my fond readers, to leave evidence that you were here without having to sign your name or take a long time to form a comment.

You can now simply mark if you liked a particular blog, or if you loved it, or if you were apathetic about it. And no, disliking it is NOT an option.

Actually, I bet my readers are way more developed and able bodied than I am given them credit for. Hmmm, then why don't they leave comments?...

Anyways, test it out & give a little love.

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  1. love it just cause I love you :)
    I read you on google reader and it doesn't show up there I have to actually go to your blog (oh the horror :) so I might forget to here and there:)

  2. I do the Google Reader thing too, Jennifer! Hope you have a great vacation!


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