January 29, 2009

The upswing always comes around.

I am looking forward to so much. I've had a busy day and have a few more ahead of me. A lot of work stuff that isn't so exciting. But it's different, so I enjoy that.

Tomorrow I'm out of town for a meeting, good way to end the week.

Then I say goodbye to my favorite cafe. Where I used to go daily. I'd link ya, but I don't think they ever did a website. If they did, I never found it. I'm so sad the owners are closing up shop. I wish someone else was on board to take over. If it wasn't in freaking Granger I might consider it. Not that I could afford a venture like that, but I'd still consider it and wish that I could.

After a quick goodbye there (since they now close at 6), I will then head over to Goshen to meet up with my honey.

Hmm, it just dawned on me. I have not told you about my honey. Hmmm, most of you are friends with me on Facebook where you already knew all about him. Right? OK!

So, anyways, I am spending the evening with him, relaxing and enjoying blueberry coffee. Mmmmm!

Saturday I have to get up early for a work event. It was optional, but I got a personal invite, and I knew I would win bonus points with my boss if I told him I was going. So, I'm going.

Then I'm meeting up with Roomie Alicia for a cafe and a movie.

Then "my girls" for dinner and, no doubt, wild and crazy times. It's been so long since we've all been together. I'm SO excited for this!

Why do I share vague details beforehand? I'm still paranoid about the fact that anyone can read this. And while I highly doubt that some freak is out there stalking me, waiting for me to mention a specific time and specific place of where I'll be and how they can find me, I'm still cautious.

I suppose I could just tell you it all after the fact. But I'm excited now, so I'm sharing now.

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  1. Did I miss something? I'm a friend on Facebook (but hopefully MORE than "just" a FB friend - you were in my wedding!), and I STILL haven't heard about your honey. All I know is his name.


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