Ten Hours of My Thoughts

January 06, 2009

Some random thoughts throughout the day, Tuesday, approximately 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM (in order of occurrence), :

Hey, I actually slept. Yea. And good dreams too. Wow.

Are those the stitches from my mouth??

I don’t like wearing socks.

Coffee or no coffee?

My neighborhood has an eerie feel this morning.

I hope my car door isn’t frozen shut again. I hope it will close.

Really? I have to scrape my windshield again?

Why do I have such a bad attitude when I go to work?

Downtown smells like onions. I’m sick of smelling onions!

Eerie feeling at work too. I don’t remember it being this dark. Aren’t the days supposed to be getting longer?

Wow, Corey is doing a really good job.

Let’s see how much money I need to save before I retire.

I am talking to THE craziest man ever!!! How do I keep from laughing out loud at him? (30 minutes later…) How do I hang up on this guy?

Crap, it’s snowing! A lot. Snow makes me angry.

Crap, they want $564.24 to repair my car light & bumper?!? Holy cow! Need another estimate!

Wow, pineapple juice with 7-up is the best combo ever!!!

Am I really gonna walk out in the snow and cold to go get coffee? I’m freezing INdoors!

Ugh, how am I gonna get through this day???

Ok, looks like I’m spending my lunch hour driving to the east part of Mishawaka for another estimate. Joy.

Where can I find tomato soup & grilled cheese for lunch?

Why do my eyes hurt so much?

Ooh, the roads are a little slippery.

Turtle Oreo Blizzard?!? How much stuff do people need?

Oh no, did I really just fall flat on my behind? How did this happen? Where did that ice come from?? And did that guy see it? Oh, definitely.

Wow, I can’t believe I am eating a real meal. This is SO exciting!!! Sooooo good! It’s a good workout for my lazy jaw too!

Gas is $1.99?!? The last time I filled up it was 60 cents cheaper per gallon! That’s a $6 difference for a fill up! This is ridiculous!

This is a lot of chocolate.

I am freezing!!!

Oh my gosh, I just realized I’ve been using a straw for the last hour and a half!!! I hope it’s gonna be ok…

Man, I rock! I love when I can help others so much!

Oh, I am so full. Stuffed! When was the last time I felt stuffed?

“Ignition Park”!?!? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

I hate this copier.

Wow, why did I suddenly have a flashback to Jusco, the department store in Okinawa??

Why is that guy not wearing a jacket?! Idiot.

Oh no, is that (insert name here – the guy I’ve been trying to avoid)? I hope not cuz I’m staring right at him.

What a long day!

How can I get some of that Southern Pecan coffee?? Too bad they close at 5.

Oh man, my work always quadruples when he’s in the office.

What? Did somebody say “KFC”? Biscuits, biscuits!

Yea, I'm so excited to have plans tonight - and be around people!

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  1. Wild and crazy thoughts...

    Glad you could come over to eat KFC with us.

  2. I'm glad to know someone actually read them all!


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