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January 13, 2009

Jennifer . . .

is hyped up from watching 4 episodes of 24 tonight!

is beyond irritated with her car door lock freezing and then not shutting.

is starting to get excited for California this weekend.

is tired of the blizzards.

is still waiting for the money.

thinks tomorrow is gonna be a great day.

is ok with the fact that she missed 90210 tonight.

is contemplating going TV-less when the rest of the US goes digital.

has had tense, tight shoulders the last couple days.

is grateful she has a landline so she can call her cell when it's missing.

realized today that there is just something really depressing about eating a meal right out of the frozen TV dinner tray.

said, "There is no such thing as 'hurrying' when the roads and weather are this bad."

is seriously contemplating what to do with the recent unexpected money she was given.

is starting to get sleepy.

knows that good things are a-comin'. Actually, they're already here!

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