March 25, 2008


5:30 AM

Laying in bed basically twiddling my thumbs


I accept the fact that I'm awake

I'm dead tired and ticked off that I'm wide awake

I start praying for people who come to mind

People who are walking in extreme valleys right now

I can't rest

Who's up at this time?


I start writing blogs in my head

and eventually decide to get up and write them for real.

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  1. I was trying to wake myself up around that time --- you could've called. :) What a nice insomniatic chat we would have had.

    Actually, I was up around 5am, wide-awake, but made the mistake of thinking I needed more sleep. I should have just gotten up.

    Now I'm dragging.

  2. I wish I could say I wasn't up - but often (on the days I work) I'm already out of the shower and packing my lunch by 5:30am. : P


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