2015 Summer

August 09, 2015

Believe or not, Josh is already back to work, and the local kids are already back in school.

This summer break was the shortest ever - 8 weeks.  We are so grateful, though, for that perk of his occupation!!

About the beginning of June or so, I wrote up a little list of things I wanted to get done this summer.  How'd we do?

Summer 2015 Bucket List/To Do List
(in no particular order)

  • Purge (still doing)
  • Organize (this is really slow going, but I'm working on it)
  • Decorate (work in progress, but mostly comes after the organizing; also, this is really hard to measure/assess)
  • Hang pics/gallery wall (nope)
  • Paint front door (I've narrowed it down to 3 colors, and really 1 I think, but it's not the same one that hubby wants, so for now we just have 3 red paint swatches taped to our front door, can you say ghetto?)

  • Grill pizzas (still gotta do this)
  • Dentist appointments for all 3 of us (appointments made and scheduled for this week!  It will be C's first dentist experience!  She's excited; I hope I don't make her nervous.)
  • Wonderland Theater (Josh and I got to see "Paper Towns" as a Thursday matinee - when all you can eat popcorn is free, woot woot!)
  • Buy a new vacuum
  • Buy a dirt devil/dustbuster
  • Host a yard sale (done!  times 2!)

  • Go on a couples trip (Josh & I celebrated our 5th anniversary with a trip to Michigan - Saginaw, Birch Run, Traverse City)

  • Go on a family trip (sorry, kid.)
  • Camp in our backyard
  • Use our firepit
  • Make smores
  • Teach C how to wipe her bottom independently (a good thing to know how to do especially considering she starts pre-school in a month!)
  • Get estimates for windows (ugh.  I feel like I need to get my house organized first.)
  • Stain the back deck (ahem)
  • Go to the beach (we went when Josh's Las Vegas family was in town; then Catherine & I went again with her cousins and aunt)

Looking back at the last couple months, there were lots of little special things - playtime at the park, finding sales at a fro-yo place, exploring Shipshewana with out of town family, AYOP, iced coffee, discovering Einstein Bros. bagels at Notre Dame, baking, and watching C become more independent.  I feel like she has really grown up this summer!

Our summer's to do list was brief enough that it allowed for lots of additional activities - big or small.  And for that I am thankful.

Another highlight this summer was welcoming another cousin for Catherine!  Little Jaydon was born to Josh's brother and his wife - their first!  It's been fun to watch C interact with him and be gentle with him.

Sadly, there was no big family road trip this summer.  But maybe we can do some little trips on the weekends.  I know things will be different with Catherine now having her own school schedule to consider, so we'll just have to be diligent to use the time we have!

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