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July 25, 2015

Have you ever noticed how it seems cell phones have about a two year shelf life?  Ya know - the same length as most cell phone contracts.  I've noticed this a number of times when I was suddenly having cell phone issues.  Go in to the store, and guess what - I'm eligible for an upgrade - what perfect timing!

So, here's the strange thing:  my current cell phone has been with me longer than my 3 1/2 year old daughter!  I got it in December of 2010.  Over FOUR AND A HALF YEARS!

Oh, it's far from perfect!  In fact there have always been a number of very weird oddities about it, for example, freezing up or not turning off (seriously, I've had to remove the battery countless times just to get it to turn off at times).  But this sucker has been dropped (hard!) also countless times - and survived!

I've fought getting a smart phone for a long time.  I have a super sweet cell phone deal for non smart phones.  Like anytime my account gets looked up, the employee usually responds with, "Oh, wow, you got the XYZ plan!  No wonder you don't want to switch!"  But a few months ago I got word that I can still keep that awesome plan and just do an upgrade to a smart phone for an additional charge.

Our culture is becoming increasingly one that is geared for smart phones.  Without one, I'm missing out on coupons and discounts.  I'm often pestering Josh to look something up on his smart phone for me when we're out.  With it I'm able to access business phone numbers and hours, directions.  And probably the biggest plus for me personally is the high quality of the camera.  I LOVE to take pictures.  When we were on our Super Summer Family Road Trip last year I noticed his phone was taking better pictures than my camera.

So, I have decided that whenever this phone dies I will (gasp!) upgrade to a smart phone.

Now, how long til this Samsung Restore actually stops working for good??  You think it can last a full FIVE years?!?  We'll see!!

My first phone that slides open for easy texting!

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