August 17, 2014

My heart is heavy tonight.

Josh's uncle is ... to put it bluntly, on his deathbed.

It was not that long ago that we lost Josh's grandma.

Out of town family flew in this weekend.  It is hard to think that this is likely their final visit.  Their final time together.  Their final conversations.

What does one impart when on their deathbed?  What does one ponder and reflect upon?

These are questions I started asking tonight on our drive home after being with family for the evening.

It must be such a sad and scary time.  I started thinking about not just him, but anyone who has this time to reflect while knocking at death's door.

When they look back on their life what stands out?  What are their joys?  Their triumphs?  What accomplishments are they proud of?  What legacy do they leave behind?  What lasts?

What are their regrets?  Those missed opportunities and broken dreams?

It has me thinking about what really matters in life.

I've been re-focusing and re-prioritizing life lately.  And trying to actually live based off what I say I value.  It needs a tune-up every now and then.  A refinement.

The end of my life doesn't have to be a sad and scary time.  How I choose to live today can determine my thoughts and reflections when my time on earth is ending.

Life matters.  Every day matters.  Every moment matters.

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