Day Nine: Just Say No

January 09, 2014

The other day we ran errands.  Josh had to have his phone fixed.  And we felt a working toilet was a necessity, so a stop at Lowe's was also in the plans.

I decided to join him since I really haven't been out much in the last couple weeks.  Then it became a matter of what do I do while he's having his phone fixed.  We were right by Target.  C and I could spend some time wandering around.  Thanks to the emails they send me I know that every department has my favorite thing going on right now:  CLEARANCE!!!

Big fat NO!!!

I love Target.  And I love Clearance.  So I have a huge amount of love for Target Clearance.  Which is the reason I knew I couldn't step foot in their door.  This kills me!  But I know I'm better off not going at all, rather than going and being tempted by so much and then let down when I can't get it.

We are quickly getting to a point though where we will need some groceries.  C is getting low on milk.  We've been out of bread for days.  I'm working on a list, but the hard part will be sticking to it.

It has been kinda fun these last few days to have to get creative with food at home.  The other day I was having leftover pasta and really wanted some garlic bread to go with it.  None in the freezer, and normally I'd just whip some up in the toaster oven with bread, butter, and garlic powder, but we had no bread.  Josh reminded me of a can of crescent rolls in the fridge, so I decided to put some garlic powder and butter on that instead.  I even found some shredded mozzarella in the freezer and stuffed some of them with a pinch or two of cheese.

I was pretty proud of them.

I'm also really proud of us.  We love to eat out.  So, I'm really proud of us for making more meals at home.

We got a little sort of break the other day with a night at a hotel.  I say a sort of break because we received some money at Christmas that we set aside for the hotel stay.  We usually go away for a day or two when Josh has a long break, so our night at a hotel was our Christmas Break "vacation".  We stayed at The DoubleTree just half a mile away from where we used to live.  It was a very nice hotel, and it was nice to be kid-free for a night.  I got to enjoy lots of HGTV from a comfy king-sized bed.  I also took advantage of their yummy free cookies and a free apple from the check-in desk.  Winning!

Looking down from our 8th floor room onto one of the lobbies.

Hanging out in the main lobby - so swanky!

 After our one night getaway, we ended up stranded at my in-laws for two nights due to a blizzard.  I am so grateful for two sets of parents in the area who take such good care of us!  Still didn't spend any money, and got to go a couple days without worrying about fixing the meals, woot woot!

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