Restless and Reminiscent

January 22, 2014

i'm feeling reminiscent lately...

recalling old trips,
missing old friends,
longing for warmer weather,
remembering our former house by the river.  that old house with the hardwood floors, all the built-ins, and the sun room.  oh, that sun room...

i've been thinking about purpose

and passion

and plans for the future.

my heart is antsy.

i get like this every now and then.

it's like there's some strong creative passion inside of me just desperately wanting to get out.

but i'm still trying to figure out what that passion is.

i passed on another job.

just like the last one, my initial reaction was interest and gratefulness.

but then i started thinking more about it.

i realized the mundane office tasks just didn't excite me.

and i want something that excites me.  something that i look forward to.  something that i actually want to do, rather than just doing it because i have to.

there's enough in my life right now that i do because i have to (or feel like i have to).

this is something that i've been pondering for a few months when i was asked this question:

"what in your life brings you joy?"

(sidenote:  i believe there's a difference between filling your life with joy-giving things and being caught up in a life of self indulgence.  it's the first one that i'm trying to pursue here.)

so, i'm trying to follow after activities, people, and commitments that bring me joy.

and trying to eliminate - as much as i can - those activities, people, and commitments that rob me of joy.

so, i'm curious.  if you were asked that question, how would you respond?

what in your life brings you joy?

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  1. Girl... just NOW catching up on reading some of your blog posts. I "hear" you on that...trying to find purpose, something you look forward to doing not because you "have to", but because you LOVE to do it! It's a journey, isn't it? By the way, join me in my 28-day writing challenge. I would LOVE to read your posts, as you read mine! :) If it's not a daily thing, that's okay! Let's just get back to our forgotten hobbies together.


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