It's Back!

October 12, 2009

I have my life back!!!

The COP tour is finished. No more working late. No more stressing. No more anxiety.

It was, by far, my greatest professional accomplishment. I took it from having 103 people registered to having over 700 people come through the tour over a 2 day period.

While certain people are saying there were too many people there, I am trying to stay positive. This event was a success. Plain and simple: a huge success. That I directed/coordinated/planned. It's weird to stand back and realize that it was me, really me, who orchestrated this whole thing. Wow.

I'm grateful to God for blessing me with the abilities, skills, and talents. I'm grateful to my family who helped me - especially my mom, who spent more than a few hours assisting me as needed on some of those late nights. And I'm grateful to my boyfriend who put up with my emotional and mental absences and distractions over the last couple few weeks.

I'm using tomorrow for some rest, relaxation, and recovery. Very grateful that I can do that. And very grateful to have my life back!!

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