De-Cluttering: the Hard and the Easy

December 14, 2015

So, my last post was apparently a big hit.  But I write about more than infertility.  Infertility does not define me.  And even though the last two blog posts had the word "pee" in them, I promise that's not a usual topic.  Sidenote:  now, that's three blogs in a row containing the word "pee."  I have really got to quit that!

One area that I've been pursuing for the last few months is the area of minimalism and decluttering our house.

The hard part about decluttering is the process it takes to get there.

Because I have a full life and a full schedule, the decluttering process spreads over many days or weeks (or an entire summer; yah, I'm looking at you, Summer of 2015).  And you end up living like this for a sad, sad amount of time:

Bin after bin after basket after box . . .

The easy part about de-cluttering is realizing how much stuff you don't need.  It took just a few seconds to skim through the Target ad today.  We went for some dishwasher detergent and a clip to hang a wreath on the front door.  When I was looking at the weekly ad posted inside the entryway, I didn't have to look at the CDs on sale - because I can listen to anything online.  I didn't have to look at the movies on sale - because I can rent from the library or Redbox.  And I didn't have to look at the books on sale - because I can rent those too from the library of course.

No pondering over trying to make the best decision.  It was an easy decision!

Decluttering is not easy, but I'm making progress.  I hope to share more updates as I continue the journey.

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