It Started With Bananas.

January 18, 2014

It started with bananas.

As a followup to yesterday's post about needing one ingredient and wondering if I'd end up with more...

As we were going to the store I decided it would just be easiest to get the one thing I needed (beer, oddly enough) and not shop for more things.  Toting a toddler around in snow and cold is a challenge, so I thought the less I have to carry with me the better.

So, beer:  We don't drink it, but I was needing it to bake beer bread for tonight. Someone had told me awhile ago that Kroger sells individual bottles.  Perfect!

Well, trying to find them was another story.  First employee I found was clueless.  The second said they have them in the summer.

Oh.  Ok.

So, I ended up with a six pack.

And on the way there, I saw bananas and thought, "Bananas are good to have.  I can get a bunch of bananas."

After the bananas, the floodgates opened up.

I decided I should get yogurt (on sale) for Catherine.  She loves yogurt, and lately she's always eating mine.

Grands biscuits were on sale, and I've had Monkey Bread on my mind.  Knowing we have a long weekend with Josh off work Monday I knew I'd be tempted to celebrate with brunch out.  Instead, I decided, I'd make a special brunch at home.

On the way to the dairy aisle, I found mini quiche.  On clearance.  "That'd be great to add to brunch for some protein."  I thought and added it to the cart.

Next I found cookie dough on clearance.  $1 for cookie dough, hello!!  "These will be great for when I need something sweet!"  I limited myself to two.

Next to it were coffee creamers on clearance.  Perfect!  I periodically take flavored creamers to the Moms Group/Bible Study I go to, and I noticed we were out last week.

"Oh, and milk is on sale.  I should probably get Catherine more milk."

"Oh, and this big bag of frozen french fries is only a dollar?!  Awesome!  They'll be great for when I'm craving fast food."

. . .

Everything except the beer and bananas were on sale or clearance.  I spent $24.40 and never even thought about eggnog.

P.S.  The beer bread turned out well.

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  1. You still did well, even if it was a little break from the "no-spending" vow.


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