Birthday Freebies and Such

March 04, 2012

Oh, Sunday night, how you taunt me. I loathe you. Loathe like I never knew possible.

Wow, going back to work as a new mom is super hard.

Good thing I don't loathe my job. I don't think I could keep doing it if I did.

We've had a great day together - our little family.

Josh was on worship team this morning, so he was at church for all three services. Catherine & I after our morning nap (oh, blessed tradition, how I miss you) had a hard time getting everything done and put together and were late for the third service.

We used a coupon for my free birthday meal for a late lunch at Flat Top Grill (yum, what a treat!), and Baby Girl slept in her car seat sitting next to Daddy. Afterward, Josh went to the Apple store while I fed Catherine in a comfy chair at Barnes and Noble. It was busy. Lots of people and activity for Catherine to take in. Yet I felt like it was just the two of us snuggling and cuddling and bonding.

Up next was Super Target and using a coupon for my free birthday drink at Starbucks (super fabulous - see photo!).

We didn't get home til after 5.

I got to work right away on preparing bottles for tomorrow. This is my new Sunday - Thursday evening ritual, and oh how it makes me love Friday and Saturday!!

I can't believe how much time I spend doing something related to breast milk lately. Pumping, washing bottles and pumping parts, swirling milk, mixing bottles, measuring, freezing, thawing, more measuring and swirling... Not to mention feeding Catherine. I almost feel as if all this is more exhausting than feeding her as a newborn. And THAT was exhausting!

Add in two loads of laundry, diapering (thank God for disposables!), a nap for baby, another feeding, and now Catherine is in her PlayPlace. She loves it! I realized it's been awhile since she's been in there, since we were gone most of today and all of yesterday (road trip to a birthday party in Lansing). I know what a good, laid back, flexible baby we have, and I am so thankful!

Josh is folding the clean clothes now. I'm so grateful for my hard-working husband. He has been helping so much with all the new craziness. Celebrating one year and eight months of marriage today to my favorite!

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  1. I hope Sunday evenings will get easier for you in time! :) Hang in there! :)

  2. Oh man-- that Starbucks drink looks AMAZING!! Glad you guys had fun taking advantage of your bday freebies. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. We had a great time with you guys Saturday.

    Hope things get a bit easier once they settle in and become more routine... but if not, you've only got a few more months to deal with it! God WILL get you through!


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