Thursday Thoughts

March 04, 2010

  • The sun is out, and it's been "warm" lately - up to 40 degrees. Yet, I still have to scrape frost off the car every morning this week. It exhausts me. And makes me late for work.
  • I hate when I hear strange noises when I'm the only one in the building at work. It's a relief then to discover it was just an incoming fax.
  • I didn't notice my eyes were dry until the eye doctor told me so yesterday.
  • Do you think that's because I've been crying so much lately??
  • Chocolate cinnamon coffee is a great thing.
  • Am I the only one who gets weirded out when I see a car that is the same make, model and color as mine? I think, "Who stole Lulu?!"
  • Yes, my car's name is Lulu. I know I'm not the only one who names their car. Please feel free to share your car's name.
  • I hate when people feel the need to "reply all" when nobody else needs to hear their thoughts.
  • Likewise, I don't like when someone doesn't "reply all" when they really should.
  • 4 months from today I get to marry my love!!!
  • Hmmm, the city's tornado sirens are going off. I hope it's just a test. You don't get a warning with those like you do on the radio or tv - "This is only a test."
  • How sad am I that I am watching Family Feud episodes that I've already seen?!?!
  • Today has seriously felt like 4 days long. I can't tell what's going on, but it feels like I've carried around the weight of 4 days work today. Feels like I've gone through an entire work week in one day.
  • I picked out a new pair of glasses. Still need to pick the sunglasses.
  • Going to bed early again - two nights in a row. Yea.

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  1. my truck's name is Trevor : ) (oh and I named Joe's Caemero Carmen) : )

  2. My Toyota Corolla's name is Missy! Kevin's car's name is Delta Flyer, or Herbie, more affectionately. Missy's gold, named after a blond horse I once rode named Missy. :) I wanted to name the car, and I kept trying to think of a really creative name, but Missy kept coming out of my I decided her name had to be Missy!


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