Pet Peeve

July 12, 2009

I have had just about all I can take.

I am into photography. I would never say I'm super skilled at it, but even without training in the art of photography, I have common sense. And common sense is apparently missing from a lot of folks these days. I don't know what the deal is, but it seems that folks are afraid of taking a vertical photo. At least anybody who I give my camera to so that I can capture a moment in a special place with my sweetie. I am so irritated with how recent pictures have been turning out, I feel like I want to just take all the photos myself, but then of course I wouldn't be in any! It would just be endless photos of Josh, which I would be fine with, but it might get old for him after awhile.

Maybe I just need to look into a tripod.

Here's the latest photo taken in one of my favorite places - St. Joseph, MI. Not at all how I had planned...

And after my crop job. A little more how I intended it; except the top of the sculpture would have been included in the photo. Argh!

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  1. I guess you just have to be VERY SPECIFIC when you ask people to take a photo for you, or you just get what you get... people don't get it I guess. It is frustrating to me too!

  2. The funniest time a stranger took my family's picture was when we went up to the Henry Ford Museum a couple weeks ago. The guy has our camera and my family is lining up, deciding where to stand, etc. And he takes our picture AS WE'RE STILL ASSEMBLING!! I heard the click as I was moving in front of my parents and looking somewhere that was not in the camera's direction. I was thinking, "Surely he did not take the picture right now." So he comes over and says, "Here it is...I can take another if you don't like this one." We look at it and sure enough, yes, we definitely want another picture! The second one was fine...but I thought that hysterical! :)

  3. Jen, you're right. I guess I just have to be one of those very particular people. I think I can manage that.

    Holly, that is SO funny!! A similar thing happened to me and Josh. I was talking, we were both looking away, and the guy took it. Then he said, "Oh, I suppose I should have told you I was taking it. Let me try again." ha!


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