Give Me Ten

July 27, 2009

1. I'm craving a pop tart (strawberry).

2. I'm up way too late (after midnight).

3. I had a nice evening with roomie (BW3's, A Lot Like Love, reality dating shows).

4. I'm trying to figure out what to do next (job/career).

5. I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow (D. O.).

6. I'm eager to see Jen & Andy's new place (should be theirs in about 15 hours).

7. I'm addicted to SoBe 0 calorie lifewater (bottled flavored water).

8. It is Josh's final week of grad school (school free for the first time in 3 years)!!!!

9. I'm currently obsessed with the concept of growing your own food (gardening).

10. I had the best coffee this morning (Michigan cherry that Josh shared with me)!!

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  1. Yeah for gardening!! Best nutrition ever :)

  2. was it traverse city cherry? that's the kind of coffee mark and I drink.

  3. there's a very good chance it was traverse city cherry! i can't remember!


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