Why We Need the Gilmore Girls Revival

November 23, 2016

If your newsfeed is anything like mine, you are seeing Gilmore Girls mentioned about every 12 seconds.

If you have no idea who the Gilmore Girls are, maybe this post isn't for you.  But if you're the other 99% of my followers, read on.

I'll admit:  I was quite delayed in getting on the Gilmore Girls bandwagon.  The couple times I tried watching it I couldn't follow the speed of dialogue full of all the pop culture references.  And quite frankly, I found the main characters ... well, slightly annoying.  Come on, we all have our annoying moments.  And if you're honest, you know Rory and Lorelai have theirs too

The two years I lived in LA was during the Gilmore Girls' run.  A friend of mine was a reoccurring background actor on the show.  I was on the set multiple times and even crossed paths with Alexis Bledel once.  I stepped across Rory's college campus, tiptoed through Richard and Emily's living room, frolicked through the Stars Hollow town square, stopping for pictures in front of the gazebo, and opened the door and walked right into Luke's Diner.  I saw Lorelai's jeep parked in her driveway, Miss Patty's dance studio, Mrs. Kim's antique store, and lots of others things that meant nothing to me because I didn't know the characters or the town or the show at that time.

Boy, what a difference it would be now to interact with that town after having watched all seven seasons of the show!  I now know that Stars Hollow is like a whole other character on the show.

I'm on the top right, and I took the bottom photo inside Luke's.

Now, after nine years of absence, the Gilmore Girls are coming back this Friday.
And, seemingly, the world couldn't be happier.

The Gilmore Girls Revival is the happily ever after reunion of long absent friends.  It's been so long since we've seen them that we only remember the good parts about them.  Forget about any past thoughtless decisions or foolish behavior. We've forgiven and forgotten and just want to see them thriving and at peace.

Seeing the town of Stars Hollow gives us a sense of familiarity and community.  It's a place where everybody is known, a place where everybody matters.  Don't we all long for a place like that?

In a time when we are engulfed by divisiveness and disingenuity, we long for a brief escape back to Y2K and a conversation where the biggest point of contention is whether you're Team Jess or Team Logan.

I have so many questions!  We know the day (Friday, November 25), but what time will the episodes be released?  Will it depend on what time zone you're in?  IE, can I watch the episodes before my friends on the west coast can??  Are GG fans going to break Netflix?  And if you don't watch it on Friday, how on earth can you avoid spoilers online?!?

There is more excitement about these upcoming four episodes than there was about seven seasons of episodes!  There is so much hype I don't know how it can possibly live up to the expectations.  As crazy as this sounds, I'm already feeling the future sadness of the four episodes being over and having to say goodbye to The Girls all over again.  I mean, four episodes are going to be over in the blink of an eye.  And then what are we left with?  Leftover turkey, dirty dishes, and a debate about the political future of our nation.  Yah, I'd rather be in Stars Hollow...

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  1. Well I am from the 1 % and after seeing you psyched about Gilmore Girls i am really intrigued by it. Hopefully i will like it too and get on the bandwagon with you guys.


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