On Rest and the Wrestle

December 04, 2016

Don't ya just hate it when your body thought it was nap time when it was actually supposed to be bed time?

And after 2 oh-so-brief hours of sleep, it is WIDE AWAKE.

So you spend the time resting.

Or trying to rest.

And you spend time praying and wrestling with God.

But your brain keeps thinking.

Of ideas and To Do lists.

And the story line of Gilmore Girls Revival.

And you debate if you should get up or still keep trying, hoping for more sleep to come.

Your ears think they hear the furnace running, and your brain is telling you it has sounded like that for the last hour while you've been laying (or is it lying?) awake.

So eventually your curious brain, your tightwad tendencies, and your full bladder, win.

You get up and come downstairs and readjust the thermostat.

And go to the bathroom.

When you realize yesterday's mid-afternoon coffee kind of turned into evening coffee, you start wondering if its affects on you is more than just having to use the facilities.

(You have to write "use the facilities" because you can't write "pee" in your blog post; although, you vaguely recall some other writing of yours using that word 2 or 3 times.)

You turn on a dim lamp because 5 AM is too early for the overhead, and you snuggle up on the couch under a cozy, crazy soft gray blanket.

And you write.

Sometimes you don't know why you write, and you even wonder if you should continue pursuing this whole blogging thing.

But the words form inside you and want to be released.

And though your womb is barren, your soul births new thoughts.

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