When You Get a Tiny Water Instead of Prius

June 22, 2016

I hate car shopping.

There.  I said it.

With a 4 year old soaking up everything I say (Seriously!  Last month I overheard her repeatedly tell another customer at a restaurant, "My mommy likes milkshakes, but they make her sick." because I had mentioned it to someone a few days prior), I try to avoid using the word "hate", and instead usually say, "can't stand".

But I am using "hate" now.

Maybe because my daughter can't read my blog.

Or maybe because I'm full of passion regarding how I feel about car shopping right now.

We drove 55 miles one way for an appointment to test drive a Prius.  We had been in communication with the dealership for days, and it finally worked out with our schedule for this afternoon.  We arranged child care because I knew there was no way we were taking a 4 year old with us to sit through the car buying process.  And off we went on our journey.

Are you familiar with the term "bait and switch"?

Let's just say it's strange that a car would be sold and yet the dealership would still confirm with us that we were still coming.  Rather than tell us with common courtesy that the car sold.

I don't know if the car actually existed even.

Regardless, I had no interest in dealing with a company like that.  And I had no problem letting them know that.

I thanked them for the complimentary water, and we were on our way.

What a waste.

I'm just ready for this day to be over.

And for us to magically just have a vehicle dropped in our laps.

Ok, not literally.

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