How To Summer

June 24, 2016

We are summering well around here.

Other than a broken grill.  Womp, womp.

Catherine took swimming lessons and did amazingly well!

(no, riding the frog was NOT part of her swimming lessons.)

She's completing her second round of Vacation Bible School at a local church.

I love getting to enroll her in these summer programs!

She also just started soccer.  It's so fun to watch 4 year olds play soccer!

The program she's in meets just once a week, which is totally manageable for Mom and Dad, unlike the first soccer program I looked into, which met three times a week (goodbye, life!), eeek!  The other day out of the blue she said, "I wonder how all my soccer friends are doing."

I love seeing that she is thinking of others.

I know too she is missing her preschool buddies.  It kind of broke my heart when she mentioned seeing them at her new preschool this fall, as she didn't realize they weren't changing schools with her.

I (finally) got a smart phone!!  My old (5 years+) phone sadly bit the dust.  I wasn't able to save and transfer my contacts, all my photos and videos, my lists of books to read, movies to see, wish lists for myself and for Catherine, cute quotes by Catherine, inspirational thoughts, to do lists, etc. etc. etc.

I guess for a non-smart phone, it held a lot.

Wow, this is really becoming a downer of a post.

We've been car shopping, as we've been a single car family for almost 6 weeks now.  If all goes as planned, tomorrow may change that.  I'll post details after the fact.

Other summer activities have included ice cream, dvd's, coffee with friends, the inflatable pool in our backyard, a little family getaway, and welcoming our new niece Emma Joy.  For some reason when we talk about her it's not just Emma.  It's Emma Joy.  So, we'll see how long that lasts.

So many other things going on, but I'll have to save them for another post, as I can barely keep my eyes open now.

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