Bridal Shower Prep

September 25, 2015

Written earlier this week:

A few weeks ago my status on facebook said something like, "Planning a bridal shower, Catherine's birthday party, my mom's birthday party, and two women's events.  I'm in heaven."

It was heaven then, but as the events get closer, they always morph into something else.

It's crunch time for the bridal shower now.  Three days away.  I'm excited about it, but there is much to be done.

Decided to use this stash that I had gotten over multiple purchases, all on clearance

My sister-in-law Jen is co-hosting with me, and we are having the event at her church.  It definitely alleviates some stress to not have to hold an event in your home.  No worries about cleaning up your house - on top of everything else that has to be done for event prep.  But it does add a new set of challenges.

We planned on starting set-up Wednesday or Thursday, working all day Friday, and then doing last minute food Saturday morning.  However, we hadn't planned for the unexpected:  death.

Yep, there's going to be a funeral and funeral dinner at the church Friday evening.  Definitely out of our control.

So, we will head over after her kiddos and mine are in bed, work late Friday night, get up early (painful for me) Saturday, and work til the shower starts at 11.

 Written today, one day prior to event:

The overwhelmed paralysis has set in.  I just keep adding to my lists of "Things To Do" and "Things To Take". 

Fortunately, Jen and I make a great team when it comes to events, and she's able to do much to help.  Also her mom and sister Stephanie are helping with a couple items.  This special event is to celebrate her sister Charissa's upcoming marriage.  A lot of Charissa's family friends in this area haven't met her fiance, so we decided to include him and make it co-ed.

I'm going with kind of a rustic, comfort-food theme.  Nothing overly frilly or fancy, since there will be men there.  I'm excited to be trying some new things for this event.  But I'm also well aware of how much still needs to be done!  It will be a night of little sleep.

When it's over tomorrow, I will rest.

And then start focusing on next week's event.

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