Family Retreat 2014

March 30, 2014

Had a great weekend away with my side of the family.

Lots of relaxing, reading, and renewing.  I was away from my computer and internet and cell phone for 48 hours.  It was magnificent.

The sun was out today, and it warmed up to the 50's.  We got to play outside when we got home.  I ignored all the dirt and mud attaching itself to my daughter.  Something I really struggle with, but I just force myself to pretend it's not there.  I know it's fun for her, so I put aside my issues.

I must have picked up a cold though.  My nose won't stop running, and I feel just so run-down.  I hope to go to bed early tonight.  I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow that I have been trying to obtain for months with so many things coming up to cancel it.  So I'm determined to get my one hour of bliss tomorrow!

One more week til Spring Break!!

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