My Daughter

August 28, 2013

Ever wonder what Catherine and I do all day when Daddy is at work?  Sometimes I know I do.  Some days just seem to fly by with nothing to show for it - or maybe just one thing to show for it.  I at least try to do one productive, noteworthy thing a day.

Sunday night I was looking at this week's schedule on my all important calendar when I realized, surprisingly, Tuesday was our only free day this week.  Every other day had something going on.  Naturally I thought Tuesday would be the perfect day to take Catherine over to our homeland - South Bend - to visit her relatives.

We set things up with her Aunt Jen so that Catherine could visit her cousin Julia.  Those girls can't get enough of each other!

Unfortunately I woke up to a text that Jen had woken up to a sick Julia, and we decided it'd probably be best to keep the girls separate.  Sickness of the Little One is the last thing I want to deal with, and we know that since Catherine puts about 90% of things in her mouth, she was bound to get sick too.

Enter Plan B:

My new friend Danyell had some questions about Power Point and the Children's Ministry that she directs at our church.  Since I had a little treat to deliver to her anyway I decided I could drag my laptop along and do some work to help.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has created a new version of programs supposed to make life easier, but in reality, they are all so different they make life a bear trying to learn all the programs all over again.

Needless to say, I wasn't much help.

And sweet, adorable Catherine was wanting to be pushed on the swing, put on the trampoline, taken off the trampoline, fed, chased, taken outside, taken inside, put in the sandbox, taken out of the sandbox, etc. etc. etc.  90% of the things at Danyell's house were going in Catherine's mouth.  Catherine sometimes forgets she's only 1 (see picture below).  She wants to do everything that Danyell's 4 year old son Eli can do.  And she tries.

This makes life very interesting and challenging for me.

Three times just during this morning's visit I had to chase her down as she ran for the street.  Ugh.

A great shot of a perfect example of my daughter.  See those striped legs?  Those belong to my daughter who was playing on the couch while meeting her new baby cousin at the hospital and apparently decided she wanted off the couch.  Photo serendipitously captured by my brother.
After awhile Danyell suggested lunch at M-C-D-O-N-A-L-D-S (Because seasoned parents know you MUST spell things out until it's 100% agreed on by the adults.).  Once I heard her local one had a playland I was in.  Funny the things I haven't cared about for decades that are now so vital in making decisions.

We had a great time eating and playing.  And of course chasing after Catherine as she ran around the restaurant more than a few times.  Although that part may have just been a great time for Catherine, and not so much for me.

Afterward, driving home I was thinking Catherine would benefit from a bath, still with sand stuck on her and all.  But I also knew she was in need of a nap.

As soon as I get Catherine out of the car, she darts for the backyard, using the excuse that she wants to "Look at garden!"  Within moments she's trying to get into her little inflatable pool.

Suddenly I realize a dip in the pool will solve my dilemma of the sand all over her body.  Perfect!  I pull her shoes off, strip her of her clothes, and rip off her diaper.

"In you go!"

She loves it.  Squeals and giggles.  She splashes.  I rinse her off and call it good enough.  About this time I start realizing how poorly I planned this brilliant idea.  Or failed to plan actually.

She is dripping wet, and the nearest towel is, of course, inside the house.  I may not be Super-Mom, but I know I cannot leave her alone.  Outside.  And in water!  So, I awkwardly carry her with my arms stretched out away from my body.  I set her gingerly on the back deck while I unlock the back door.  Up she goes again and straight to the bathroom at the back of the house.  Once dried and diapered I decide I can go empty the car.  It could have waited til I put her down for a nap, but I guess I was thinking about the leftover milk in her diaper bag in the hot car in the hot garage in the 90 degree heat.

I told Catherine to go find her music table and play with her toys.  "I'll be right back" I yell as I sneak out the back door, eager to see if I can get it all brought inside in one trip - quite a challenge!

I gather up the abandoned clothing and diaper poolside.  I pile onto one shoulder a purse, a diaper bag, and a laptop bag.  I tuck three cups into the crook of my arm and head back to the house, sweaty, exhausted, looking forward to a break once I get Little Girl down for the blessed nap.

I hear her as I approach the back door and peak through the window seeing her on the other side of the door.  I use my free hand to turn the handle and push and, to my horror, discover that Catherine can now apparently reach the lock.

Yes, my 1 year old daughter had locked me out of the house.

I called out to the Lord, and it was not in vain.

My mind started racing, "The keys are in the kitchen.  The front door is locked.  The side door is locked.  We have no hidden key.  We haven't given a copy of the key to a neighbor.  I have my phone in my purse, but Josh is teaching."

My mind continues, "Do I call the police?  Would I be arrested for neglect?  How long can Catherine last unattended?  What will she get into?  At least she's wearing a diaper."

And before I knew it, she reached back up and unlocked the door.

Praises rang out.

Lesson learned.

And that is just a glimpse into my day.

That was yesterday.  Today Catherine prayed before a meal all by herself for the first time.

"Dear Jesus.  Dear food.  Jesus.  Jesus.  Jesus."


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  1. Oh that girl! At least you will never run out of good stories to tell about her ;-) So thankful that despite all the mishaps and crazy/annoying things kids can do, God also created them to have such great moments of cuteness, truth and love that so endear them to us as well. Thanks for sharing. Gotta love that little gal of yours!

  2. I can only captured the essence of your day, every day and the challenges and joys of being Catherine's mama for which we're grateful.

  3. Amazing how quickly a day can go and how exhausting that day can be when you have a 1-year-old!
    Catherine told me that "look at garden" line today, too. Once we were outside, of course, she had no interest in the garden -- only the pool. Grandma took control, though, and we looked at the garden! :)
    God gives us what we need, when we need it. I guess right now you need a very active daughter! I love her and love you!


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