To the Working Mama

May 25, 2016

It is a battle that doesn't end.

It is a battle with no winner.

This tight-rope walk way up in the air.
Precariously balancing mothering and working.

I see the woman excusing herself from a work meeting to deal with a call from her kids’ school.  And she wonders how she can pick up her sick child when she is in the middle of a conference.

I hear the ache and the pull in her voice, as she tries to fight for her kids and fight for her job.
Her boss continues his monologue, and he has no idea that her mind is torn, her heart split in two.

Trying to be in two places at the same time.

She’s exhausted as she goes through the drive-thru for dinner yet again.  At least she feels some relief in the fact that it means no cooking and no clean-up.

There’s already four loads of laundry waiting for her at home.

She assists with the kids’ homework and ponders why kindergartners have this much homework.

After baths and books and bedtime, and getting tucked in again and one more sip of water and one more hug and kiss, and one more snuggly blanket, she’s completely spent.

But work requires more.  She needs to work on the revisions for tomorrow’s deadline.

She puts off the plans she had for herself.  Time and time again.

Once again she finds herself at the bottom of her own to-do list.

And she wonders as she freezes mid-air on her tightrope walk, "What is my safety net?"

Working mother, for all you do that is seen or unseen
even if your kids don't see all your sacrifices
and your boss doesn't comprehend your using a vacation day to go on yet another field trip
and your husband doesn't understand your passions going in two separate directions,
there is Someone who sees.
Someone who comprehends.
Someone who understands.

Because, mama, He is the One who knew you before you were born.
He is the One who knit you together and made you to be this struggling, fighting, imperfect person who can't do it all.


So that you will look to the One who can.
And lean on the One who willingly takes your burdens.

He wants to be our safety net.  Fall into His arms and may you find supernatural rest.

"I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint."  Jeremiah 31:25

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