Just a Day

December 20, 2011

you know that spot on your back? the one that you can't quite reach no matter which way you contort your body? arms over the shoulder. arms reaching above the waist. can't ... quite ... get ... it!

yah, now try wiping spit-up off that spot.

you know that chair, that artsy modern chair that's been a part of your furniture collection long before babies and marriage were even a possibility? the one that you love so much no one's even allowed to fart in it.

yah, hope it cleans well because we've got that covered in spit-up too.

and that was just part of my morning.

today was one of those days. morning blurred with afternoon. afternoon blurred with evening. lots of crying throughout.

what did i do today? what do i do every day? it's hard to say.

but we have our routine: feeding, wake time, sleep time, repeat.

and in between i try to squeeze in things like washing up a few dishes, grabbing a snack, sometimes even a meal, sorting dirty laundry or putting away clean laundry...

i'm constantly exhausted. and sometimes i am beyond exhausted. like i truly believe the word "exhausted" doesn't do it justice. i need a new word to describe how i feel. let me know if you have any suggestions.

i'm off to bed.

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  1. First of all, I have to say I was giggling and smiling at the beginning of your post, and then towards the end was wishing I could extend a hug to you.
    I am not a mother or a wife yet, but one thing that resonated with me when I read your post was this. God has given you something greater in exchange for that artsy chair with spit up all over it. This post so beautifully reflects the frustration and the emotions that come with the kind of life transition that you are experiencing. I will be praying friend :)

  2. I think that word, which in part means beyond exhausted, is "mom"! Don't worry, your body will learn to function on very little sleep and the precious moments will just keep coming to outweigh the tough ones. Thinking of you often lately.

  3. Not the blue chair!!! :)


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