"Wedding Stuff"

June 25, 2010

"Wedding Stuff" has been the subject of most emails I send out lately. Emails to vendors, family, friends, attendants, Josh, our pastor...

We are getting married in 9 days, and I am thrilled! There is still much to do between now and then. I have been taking some time off work to get wedding stuff accomplished. Josh has been a tremendous help. My mom too; it's been fun to run all sorts of wedding errands with her, get her opinion on jewelry, dress options, etc. My brother and sister-in-law have been a huge help as well.

I'm excited for the big day! I'm excited to see close friends and family! I'm excited for the honeymoon! I'm excited to make a home with Josh!

We have been super blessed over the last 6 months and two days as we've planned the wedding. So many people are helping us, making sacrifices of time, money, energy, resources. We are incredibly grateful! We have received discounts on literally almost everything we have purchased. We are just amazed by all the help!

I've experienced a lot of stress here and there, but I've given it all away this week. My awesome wedding coordinator is taking care of everything that was causing me stress. We are so blessed!

Tomorrow is moving day. A lot of Josh's stuff is already at our place; he's been working so hard and bringing boxes over for the past couple weeks. Part of his furniture will go to his brother Jeremy's house, and part will go to our place. I'm praying for nice weather. We've had insane thunderstorms the last week. One this week I actually had to take shelter in the basement. I haven't done that since I was high school aged!

Well, much to do that I'd better return to! I just wanted to post real quickly since I've been MIA lately. If you need more blogs to tide you over in my absence, you can always check out Josh's posts here. I love reading his thoughts, and I think you will too. Enjoy!

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