Moving Day

June 26, 2010

Today has been a great but exhausting day! We moved stuff of Josh & Jeremy's to Jeremy's new house, then stuff of Josh's to my brother & sis-in-law's, and then stuff of Josh's to our place.
We were SO blessed to not have the thunderstorms they were predicting!

Speaking of weather, we can now see our wedding day on the long-term forecast. Those things change sooooo much this far out, it's amusing to see them go from cloudy thunderstorms one moment, and then to perfect sunny, back to thunderstorms, and then back to sunshine all within a few hours.

I'm glad we don't need to worry about a back-up wedding or reception location in case of rain. However, we plan to take numerous photos outside all around downtown South Bend. If it's thunderstorming, we cannot do that. Also, if it's sunny and 85, we cannot do it either. I will die of the heat.

This girl is happy with 75 degrees, and that's about it. I just know that if we are outside longer than a minute, my dress will be soaked with sweat and all the makeup dripping off my face. Not pretty. It's something we will play by ear. We have a couple indoor locations, but I'm not sure how many will randomly be open on a Sunday holiday afternoon.

After the move today I was spent. All I could think about was sleep. Before I was even on my way home, I was planning out my nap. But instead I have a lovely telephone conversation with my friend Kate in Florida and then went to my friend Kris' to sample some of the desserts she is making for the reception. YUM! Seriously, if you're coming to my wedding, come hungry!

Oh, we will have so many fun fabulous things are the reception; I am so excited!!

We are transitioning "my apartment" to "our apartment". Rooms have been rearranged and repurposed. The guest bedroom is now our office. But we will still make room for a mattress during the wedding weekend. I promised my college roommates a place to sleep. There are random boxes and piles throughout the place, and I'm quite uncertain what happened to a lot of stuff. But we will adjust. We will organize and get situated over time, and I'm looking forward to doing that with Josh as we establish our first home together!

I've got to head out. I'm meeting mom & Jen for the final dress fitting! And I'm treating them to frappe's!

I'll try to post some pictures, as I realize it's been awhile since I've uploaded many.

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