Confessions of a Former TV Junkie

February 21, 2010

Is there anything good on TV anymore? For the first time in MANY years, I'm not watching ANY TV on a regular basis.

I think my regular TV viewing probably started with ABC's TGIF. Those Friday night shows changed over the years, and I kept watching. Oh, and I can't forget Growing Pains, Who's the Boss, & Family Ties! I guess those came before TGIF.

Gradually I moved up and moved on to Beverly Hills 90210 & Party of Five, followed by Dawson's Creek & Felicity.

Then Thursday night's Must See TV on NBC came along. Another set of shows that have changed over the years I've watched, most recently tuning into The Office weekly. Oh, and don't forget all the seasons of 24.

This year however, I've lost interest in The Office and don't feel any compulsion to tune in to 24.

Don't get me wrong: It's not like I don't watch ANY TV. I only wish that was the case; I'm just not that cool. When I'm home for lunch, I frequently watch some Family Feud and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Sometimes I'll tune into reruns of King of Queens and Friends after work. If I happen to be home on a Monday I'll watch How I Met Your Mother. If I'm home on a Wednesday, I'll gleefully tune in to ABC's new show The Middle. Josh's aunt introduced us to that over Christmas Break, and I get such a kick out of it.

Heck, even now, I'm watching an episode of CSI Miami just for something to stimulate brain activity.

But there's nothing I must catch every week. And I LOVE it that way!

Any show you don't miss?

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  1. Love this post!

    I've also lost interest in The Office this year ... wonder why? I haven't watched an episode since Jim & Pam's wedding.

    LOST is my only current "can't miss" show. And I'm thoroughly addicted to the Olympics--it's a good thing they'll be over soon. Then maybe I'll start sleeping again!

  2. house & bones (andy tapes them for me, then we watch them on a day off)...i really enjoy kitchen nightmares, but i don't have to see it!!!

  3. Michelle~

    How could I forget about Bones??? It's totally "must see TV" for both me and my sister.

  4. Still lovging Greys and Psych is silly but has funny 80's lines.
    I miss good writing from oldies like MASH and Barney Miller and NYPD Blue. Dating myself, but they really don't make anything these days to compare....nothing original! It's all just background noise!


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