June 21, 2009

Today's likes & dislikes:

Like -

  • homemade (as opposed to my usual Dunkin Donuts order) blueberry coffee (thank you, farmer's market) - great way to start the day!
  • how my church honors the men by feeding them meat during the service!
  • what a Godly example my father & mother have been in my life
  • trying Taco Bell's chicken burrito for only 89 cents
  • praying with my boyfriend over the phone
  • hanging out with Roomie
  • catching up with family
  • getting some dishes washed
  • sunshine!
  • getting my calendar organized

Dislike -

  • almost ripping my nose ring out after my shower this morning - ouch
  • I'm endlessly thirsty
  • bad dreams this morning
  • not seeing my boyfriend today
  • my horrible habit of staying up late
  • the state my apartment is in
  • the fact that I will be back in the office tomorrow
  • fearing tomorrow's dentist appointment
  • all the construction on 31!

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