That One Time I Was Sick

May 10, 2016

A couple weeks ago I started noticing this annoying, persistent cough.

I didn't mention much of it, but I just had a feeling it was more than "just a cough."

I just knew.

But who wants to talk about being sick?  Who wants to hear about others being sick?

Well, I am sick of being sick!

Last week I was diagnosed with pneumonia.

I had a feeling.

Don't know why; it's not like I've ever had pneumonia before.

I did a bunch of resting this past weekend.  It was our annual Cabin Weekend Getaway with my side of the family.  At least I thought I did a bunch of resting.


I thought I was getting better.  And then I had another follow-up today.  I'm now starting my 3rd round of antibiotics.  I'm also on an inhaler, steroids, and breathing treatments.

And, to be honest, I'm getting discouraged.

Today was rough.  My coughing led to gagging, which led to dry heaving and eventual puking.  All with my daughter watching, wondering what was wrong with Mommy.  This was while I was trying to get her and myself ready to leave the house for preschool.

Oh, and then randomly, the power went out.  Ugh.  (It is SO cute though, by the way, to see how Catherine responds when this happens.  After we were all loaded up with coats, purse, backpack, laptop bag, trying to leave the house when she suddenly had to go to the bathroom.  She went into the bathroom, "Oh, the power's out in here too!"  And then when I started the mini-van, "Yea!  The power's not out in the car!")

I'm forcing myself to rest.  But, it's hard to rest when you're caring for a four year old and have to do things like leave the house and buy cereal.

My husband's been doing a ton around the house the last couple weeks.  And I'm grateful that my parents have been able to come over every now and then to help watch C-Bug.  Thankfully, husband's busy season is primarily over, and now it's a season of transition as he wraps up the school year.

Other things in transition too, including this blog.  Soon, it will get a fresh look, thanks to my amazing sister-in-law, and I couldn't be happier about it!

Keep on resting.

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