On Cats and Voting

May 03, 2016

Cats and voting.  What do they have in common???  Good question.

A couple weeks ago I was attending a parade that turned out to be full of political candidates.  They and their people were walking along both sides of the street greeting folks, shaking hands, passing out candy, flyers, water bottles, and photos.

This man who appeared to be a bit socially awkward (or, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was just focused on his task), came up directly to me, handed me a photo, and said, "My wife wants you to have this."

I recounted this story later to my friend who was also at the parade a few blocks after me on the other side of the street.  That must have been the side the political candidate was on, unlike the husband side I was on.  My friend told me that the politician came up to her, searching through a stack of photos in order to find just the right one for my friend.

After a few seconds of flipping through the photos, she gave her a picture of a barn.

My photo, on the other hand, was of a cat.

A cat.

A cat!

I'm not a cat person!

But for some reason I was destined to receive a photo of a cat that day.

And my friend wouldn't say she's a barn person!  But something about her said barn to the politician apparently!

I know nothing about that politician.  But when I was looking at the list of candidates for today's primary election, hers was the only name that stood out in her group of four candidates, so guess what.  I'll probably vote for her.

Just a little love from one cat lady to another.

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  1. Haha! I didn't even know you are a CAT person! How did he know it?


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