You Really Can't Call This An Office

October 07, 2015

Within just a couple of months I have gone from mocking desks to wanting my own.

What?  Who mocks desks??

...sheepishly raising hand...

It was not that long ago that I said, "Who needs a desk?!?  Anything you'd do at a desk you can just do at a kitchen table."  I basically felt like desks were pointless.

And now I'm actually contemplating turning our guest room into my office.

Because this:


Oh the horror.  I can't believe I just shared that with you.

That is my makeshift wannabe office.  And, clearly, it's not working well.

It's in our living room.  In the middle of our living.  Surrounded by toys.  And clutter.  And life.  And distractions.  The physical clutter causes mental clutter.  And I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

I long for a space that is mine.

I long for peace.

A clean slate and a clean space.
To create.
To focus.
To work.

I blame The Nester.  I just finished her book.  Her motto is "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful."  Her words and methods are inspiring me to change things up in my home.  I got her book from the library, but I wouldn't mind actually owning a copy to use as a resource.  I'm a fan of being able to underline, circle, and star things in books.  I guess that's the little bit of creativity in me.

Maybe it will go on my Christmas Wish List.

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