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December 07, 2009

Well, since I have thus far received NO feedback, I will write about whatever I want to write about!

Check out this lovely fruit & cheese platter I planned for our HOH (Holiday Open House) last week:

I had never done a fruit & cheese platter before. I researched a little online, conferred with my cheese expert boyfriend, checked what was on sale, and voila!

It had cheddar, colby/monterey jack, muenster, and gouda. Yum! Fruit consisted of grapes, strawberries, pineapple, and cantaloupe. It was beautiful and tasted good too!

I also provided a veggie tray and my classic mini cream puffs. We had some terrific desserts and coffee donated. And thanks to a friend's referral on Facebook, I found an amazing caterer who provided a variety of hot dips with breads and crackers, spinach balls, chicken kabobs, and apricot kielbasas. YUMMMMMMY! I'll give you her name if you are interested.

I made beautiful sponsorship boards, and the place looked great. I also did a good job schmoozing with new people and old alike. Josh was there (except for the part when he had to go play piano for the 5th & 6th grade orchestra concert!), and he also did a great job schmoozing. I was so proud of him!! Mom and Andy showed up, and they were all a great help!

I just recently discovered this GREAT little bakery/cafe/deli in Goshen called Dutch Maid Bakery. They were kind enough to donate 12 dozen cookies!! They looked and tasted great! Then, there's the other donation. And I'm even gonna mention the name. Bread & Chocolate agreed to donate "2 trays of assorted desserts for 100 people." We ended up with 12 mini (1" square) brownies, 12 pumpkin mushy things and 12 cookies. Their almond cookies & cocoa cookies were good, but leftovers the next day were hard. The other items weren't impressive. I had thought they would be better. Now I know.

Afterward, Sweetie and I went to our Dunkin' Donuts to have decaf coffee and chat. Things were so crazy at the HOH that I forgot to have someone take our picture with us all dressed up. Fortunately, the cashier at Dunkin' was willing to help us out.

Another successful event planned by ME! What fun!

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  1. Wow-- AWESOME looking fruit/cheese tray! Seriously, it looks like it could be in a magazine. Great work. And great job with the sponsor boards too! I knew you would be fine ;-) Way to pull off the event Jennifer--- you do a great job.

  2. I'm again impressed with your ability to pull this kind of event off...your boss is truly very fortunate to have you.

  3. You are amazing! But I always knew your could do it. You always pull through for me in the best ways! COngrats on a job well done!

  4. Jen, it all looks amazing! You definitely have a talent for party planning. And the fruit & cheese tray looks spectacular ... I'd love to sample it!

  5. You did do a great job. Glad I could be there to enjoy it (and taste the yummy food)!


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