For the Mamas with Back To School Blues

August 16, 2017

My only child started kindergarten this morning. These are the words I penned last night as thoughts poured out of my soul:

Tonight as I showered and blow dried my hair at 1 AM and put night time moisturizer on a face with tears streaming down my cheeks, I was reminded of two things as I prepare to do the oh so difficult task of sending my daughter off to school:

1) I was made to do hard things.

I was never promised a life free of hardships, challenges, and trials. In fact, it's the contrary. We are promised a life of trials and tribulations, pain, and heartache. But we are also promised that He will never leave our side throughout the trails. We are made to do hard things. And I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

2) This is a harder one to ponder. But, as I prepare to walk my five and half year old to school, I remember that she was never really mine to begin with. Yes, God gave her to us, and we thank Him every day for that. But we gave her back to Him - just minutes after her birth in the hospital recovery room, and a few months later when we stated publicly to our church family our intentions to raise her to follow the Lord, and every other night when I pray over her sleeping body in her bed before I collapse into my own after another long day of trying to do my best at motherhood.

So, that's it.

This is hard.

I had no idea how hard it would be (it seems I keep repeating this phrase over and over lately).

But I was made to do hard things.

And she was never really mine to begin with.

I give her back to God tomorrow and every day knowing His plans for her are far greater than I could ever dream and His love for her is far greater than I can ever imagine.

Thank you, Jesus!

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