July 16, 2012

Had a GREAT 4 day weekend in Wisconsin!!  I love being back there.

We went with Jen and Andy and of course the girls.  It's awesome when we can borrow my folks' mini van and all ride together.  Well, except for the fact that long car trips with babies are hard, and sometimes they just take turns screaming and crying.  But other times they are quiet and content.  :)

We stayed with family friends the Kemna's the first night in Fort Atkinson where I used to live.  We actually didn't get to see any of the town, as they live in the country.  I love, love, LOVE staying with Kemnas.  Mrs. Kemna was my 1st and 2nd grade teacher, and she has long been someone I admire - largely for her amazing gift of hospitality.  It always truly feels like a retreat when I am in their home.  Such a treat!!

We enjoyed reminiscing and visiting in their farmhouse and eating ice cream sundaes on the back deck admiring the gorgeous view of farmland.  Ahhh, Wisconsin...

We then headed north to Marshfield for my cousin Leigh-Ann's wedding.  What a beautiful bride she was!

We had a nice time visiting with extended family, enjoying good food, and rocking out on the dance floor.

We also enjoyed the pool at the hotel we stayed at!  Catherine's first time in a pool.  She was a bit hesitant at first, but we all ended up having lots of fun!

Saturday we continued north to Wausau to friends Tammy & Michael's house.  Their son was celebrating his 5th birthday with a big space themed party.  Tammy did a great job planning, organizing, and throwing the coordinated party.  She also fed us lunch and dinner and let us hang out there for the day.  It was great to visit with 4 of the 5 Richmonds!

We stayed at another hotel with a pool so the babies could enjoy more swim time, and we then traveled to visit friends Sean and Ali in Chicago suburbs.  We picked up Giordano's (YUM!!), gobbled down freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and spent a good time talking and giggling - two guaranteed activities around Seanners.

 And now back at Home Sweet Home, for at least a few days!  :)

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