39 weeks!

November 09, 2011

According to the doctors' timeline we've made it to 39 weeks!

The official plan (as much as you can plan these things) is to meet our little (or not so little) girl this Friday via c-section. It is scheduled for 11:45, but that can vary a bit either way depending on other surgeries.

Yep, 11-11-11 is our daughter's potential date of birth.

Funny, I vividly remember reading an article on cnn.com 9 months ago about how couples were trying to conceive so that their baby could try to be born on 11-11-11. Ha! At the time we were trying to conceive, but that wasn't the reason why!

So, needless to say, the next couple days are going to be a bit more challenging as we wait, become more bored and more anxious.

Please be prayer for my/our anxiety. Pray that it won't affect our sleep or our health. In particular I anticipate Thursday night to be quite challenging as we prepare for Friday morning.

We ask for prayers for the surgery and for baby's and mommy's health and safety.

Then I know recovery is gonna be very challenging, especially as we are learning how to take care of a newborn.

Also please pray for Josh as he is working through Thursday and providing much support and care for me.

The staff here continue to be great! I've had visitors here and there during the day, as well as my mom spending a lot of time here too, and we are grateful for that.

After baby arrives and Josh is here full time we will want to focus more on the three of us rather than keeping many visitors. Yah, we're gonna be "those people" who limit visitors in the hospital and "those people" who keep the baby's name a secret until she's born!

Yes, we finally agreed on a name a couple weeks ago! We look forward to announcing it soon! Thanks so much for your continued thoughts and prayers!!

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  1. We are praying for a healthy baby and mommy (and daddy, too). We eagerly look forward to meeting Baby Girl Hren on Friday!


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