One Month

October 18, 2011

Yesterday I felt so stressed and like I would never be prepared enough for baby.

Today I thought we were actually gonna end up going to the hospital, and I didn't feel stressed. I guess I'm at the point where whatever happens happens.

I've officially got a month to go, but we all think Baby Girl is not gonna wait another month. We already know she's "above average" size. All the tests have all been really good thankfully. Now we just wait and try to prepare our home for the addition to our family.

We got to FINALLY see her face in last week's ultrasound, and it made me love her even more!!!

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  1. Maybe Baby Girl knows that I'm coming to visit in two weeks, and she wants to meet me :-)

    Praying for all three of you, my friend!

  2. Looking forward to meeting your daughter. You and Josh will be great parents.


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