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December 14, 2008

Holiday Open House is one of the year's top stressors for me. The first year was the worst, as I catered the entire event. Ha! Never again!

Last year was good.

This year is ... interesting. For some strange reason I volunteered to make some desserts. I am really hoping that the hosts aren't counting on me to provide ALL the desserts, because 24 Snowflake Brownies and 24 Winter Wonderland Bars are NOT going to feed 100 people!

What's really unique about this year is that I haven't a clue what the menu is. The hosts decided to take care of it themselves and haven't clued me in on what will be there, other than "cheese and crackers, relish tray, heavy hor d'euvres, etc. Which was exactly what I told them to get. No clue on the specifics there. Ok...

To top off tomorrow's events, I have a dentist appointment (as much as I LOVE my dentist, I always get so nervous for these) for cleaning and x-rays.

And... I just found out about this social studies teacher enrichment seminar all day tomorrow that I need to be at, and I think I will also be called on to give a presentation. So I've been preparing for that, and my mom and sister-in-law have been helping.

I woke up soooooo stressed I was at an 8.7 on a 1 to 10 scale. Going to church brought me down to like a 4 for awhile, which was really nice. But then when I realized it was after 3:00 and nothing had been accomplished, I spiked back up.

But we have accomplished a lot so far today. I still have to make the Winter Wonderland Bars and paint my toenails. Oh, and eat dinner. Yah, that kinda slipped away.

I have my dress all picked out and ready to go. I'll be sure to have a photo taken tomorrow to show you which one I chose! Or, if you're coming to the HOH, you'll see then! :)

So, tomorrow will be a busy busy day, beginning with an early workout.

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  1. Reading your blog occassionally takes me down 1 to 2 points.

  2. Hope the HOH went well. Catching up here on your blog.

    Dress #4 was my fave.

    I like Minus Fifty -- looks like a rock band name.

    For the poll I missed (I'll be response #20), I like the random thoughts and stories the best.

    Hope the treats turned out well and that your Monday was less stressful than your Sunday.

    Oh, and I have ANOTHER blog... :D It's all about my creative endeavors (writing, theatre, film) and stuff like that. I'll be keeping up both.

    Glad to be caught up on your life (virtually). Hope to hang out soon offline. Until then!


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