August 18, 2016

So, I'm feeling rather giddy right now...

Hubs and I just announced on social media our news that we are planning to sell our house!

Yellow house with the red door

It's a first for us, so everything is new and exciting and overwhelming.

There have been a number of things that we have lived with or ignored or put on the back burner but really need our attention before we can show the house, so that has been consuming our time, energy, actions, and thoughts for the last couple weeks.

Before and after of the linen/storage closet

This all happened suddenly and seemingly randomly, but we feel God is leading us down this path.  And as long as the doors keep opening, we will keep walking through them.

So, as we continue crossing items off our home to do list, we are praying that God will bring us a buyer who can be blessed by this home as much as we have been for the last four years.

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