March 09, 2015

I've wanted a piano for awhile.

And now it looks like it's gonna happen, as one is kind of almost being dropped in our laps.
(Wow, that sounds painful.)


I tend to be a bit of a hoarder.


Especially when it comes to furniture.

So, I'm trying to figure out where said piano will actually be placed in our home.

At first I thought it could go on a blank wall in the guest room.
But it really doesn't make sense to have a piano in a bedroom.

There is no wall space available in either of our main living spaces - what I call the living room and the front room.  Josh and I were trying to figure it out tonight, and the comments went something like this:

"We could put it in the front room.  There's really just one option there.  The green wall.  But then where would that hutch go?  If it fits on the right, where would the smaller hutch go?  In the guest room?  But those blue chairs and round table can't stay there.  What if they went upstairs to the landing?  What do we do with the recliner?  Well, we were thinking of getting rid of the roll-top desk.  Could the twin blue chairs go in the living room?  And then the single blue chair upstairs?  And do we keep the grey couch in the front room?  What if we put the piano in the living room?...  I have to stop thinking about this; it's too stressful."

So, after much deliberation, we really got no where.

I'll post updates when they occur.

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